Let's learn Kubewarden - Streaming Event

Flavio Castelli

In case you missed, CNCF Ambassador Saiyam Pathak recently hosted a live streaming event on his YouTube channel about Kubewarden. Flavio had the pleasure to join Saiyam and give an overview of the project.

We spoke about Kubernetes Admission Controllers, why we started the Kubewarden project and how it differentiates from other existing open source projects such as Open Policy Agent and Kyverno.

The talk features also a brief overview of WebAssembly, what it is and what are the benefits it provides to Kubewarden.

Finally, the streaming event ends with a live demo that shows Kubewarden in action.

During the demo we also showed some experimental code we have been working on.

This code opens a really exciting opportunity: the ability to execute Rego based policies, like the ones of Open Policy Agent and Gatekeeper, on top of Kubewarden.