Policy Server on aarch64

Author: Rafael Fernández López



We recently got notified that the policy-server was crashing in an aarch64 environment. The moment in which it got a request from the API server, it crashed immediately with a SIGSEGV signal.

We figured out that this was only happening when the request was a TLS one, and that the problem was related to the OpenSSL stack and the way we were producing the final image of the policy-server with the OpenSSL stack.

The good news is that we took this opportunity to migrate the policy-server from OpenSSL to rustls. As a result, the policy-server container image has been greatly simplified.

Other Kubewarden components have also been revamped to use rustls. More on that on a future blog post.

We would like to thank the appvia team for their contributions to the project and the valuable feedback that they have provided to us.