Have you migrated your Kubernetes PodSecurityPolicy?

Author: José Guilherme Vanz



If you use a version of Kubernetes (< v1.24) that supports the deprecated PodSecurityPolicy (a.k.a PSP), you would be wondering what to do after the Kubernetes v1.25 version when the PSP will be removed. With this in mind, the Kuberwarden team wrote a documentation to help users migrate away from PSPs to Kuberwarden policies.

As you know, the original Pod Security Policies had many configuration knobs. The Kubewarden team created a series of policies that offer a 100% feature parity with all the soon to be dropped Pod Security Policies. This section of our documentation highlights all these policies and guides you through their recommended settings.

On this topic, do you know our helm chart provides a flag that enforces a chosen selection of Pod Security Policies? This makes even easier to keep your clusters safe!

Check it out and let us know if you have question about this!