Telemetry enhancements released!

Author: José Guilherme Vanz



We are excited to announce a variety of updates, fixes, and enhancements for Kubewarden components!

This release primarily focuses on improvements to Kubewarden telemetry and dependency updates.

Telemetry Enhancements and Fixes

The Kubewarden controller has received several fixes and improvements in the telemetry department. These include a streamlined process for users to deploy a policy server with telemetry enabled, as well as a bug fix related to the controller’s available metrics.

We discovered a bug in the controller where the policy-count metric was not being recorded. Users can now properly utilize this metric in their dashboards to monitor cluster activity.

Additionally, the controller now incorporates all necessary OpenTelemetry configurations into the Policy Servers' definitions to enable telemetry. This means users no longer need to enable telemetry individually for each policy server deployed within the cluster. Instead, they can enable telemetry in the Kubewarden controller, which will then appropriately propagate the configuration to all subsequently deployed policy servers.

As a result, the kubewarden-defaults Helm chart has been updated, with the telemetry configuration removed from its values file.

If you want more information about how to enable telemetry on Kubewarden. Please, check out our documentation!

Give it a try!

You can test the changes mentioned above by using the Helm charts in the following versions:

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