kwctl SHA support

Author: Fabrizio Sestito



Recently, we have focused on improving the Kubewarden developer experience. We have been implementing features requested by the community.

Reference policies by their SHA

Since kwctl release v1.7.0 we support referencing policies by their SHA.

Container engines such as Docker and Podman allow users to refer to images by their SHA sum.

As Kubewarden policies are distributed as OCI artifacts, we thought it would be a good idea to add the SHA support to kwctl, so that users have a familiar experience.

Now, you can use a SHA prefix to refer to a policy which was previously pulled, and kwctl automatically resolves its full SHA. It’s still possible to refer to a policy by its URI, or use a command against a local policy via a relative or absolute file path.

Here is an example of the new feature in action:

kwctl sha support demo

Give it a try!

You can update kwctl to the latest version v1.7.0 by using your [package manager] https://github.com/kubewarden/kwctl#install or via GH releases.

Please, reach us out on Slack or join our monthly community meeting to talk more about Kubewarden!