Introducing Kubewarden's Community Repository

Author: José Guilherme Vanz



The Kubewarden project has recently improved how it shares information and involves others by starting a new community repository. This move was made after a suggestion from the CNCF during their last yearly review. The aim is to bring together all the documentation in one place and make it easier for both new and current contributors to get involved.

This new repository is a place for finding out about the project’s rules, security measures, project components, and what’s happening in each Kubewarden GitHub organization repository.

By putting all this important information in one place, Kubewarden is making it simpler for people to join and contribute to the project. This effort not only makes joining the project easier for newcomers but also improves how the project is run. The community repository is meant to be a go-to resource for anyone interested in the Kubewarden project, whether they’re just getting started or want to contribute more.